Seeing the World through Dog-Colored Glasses



January 23, 2014

I usually limit my travels to up and around the barn because of my short legs and, well, I just have so much to do. Important things like interviewing Heads of State and things like that. Really. My editor, on the other hand, has different ideas. 

I have to go to Orlando, Florida. I mean, why there? Because a Good Dog, who is a Canine Companion, lives there, that’s why. By the way, flying is not my favorite.

It seems that there is a group called Canine Companions for Independence that has one of their facilities down in Florida.  READ MORE

An Interview with JAKE, a THERAPY DOG

December 6, 2013

The last time I was sent out on an assignment like this was, well, I don’t really know. We dogs don’t do time so good. But, this is BIG! I’m going to interview a Therapy Dog. These guys are like Mr. Rogers, grilled cheese and tomato soup on a rainy day, all mixed together. Like Ironman and Julie Andrews all rolled into one. Like, you get the picture…

I made contact with Jake’s people and we agreed . . . READ MORE