Seeing the World through Dog-Colored Glasses

Give a whole bunch of GOOD! Printed on 8 1/2 X 11" heavy paper, perfect for framing!  Set of 5 for $4.95. 

Is there someone you know that is making a dogs life better? Give them a BooneDoggies Award! 

Know a dog that did something GOOD today? Give them a BooneDoggies Award!

Did your child make their bed every day this week? Give them a BooneDoggies Award!

D'Arcy Dent, for bringing GOOD food to our 4-legged friends at your Holistic Pet Store in Issaquah, Civilized Nature.

To ALL our IndieGoGo Contributors!Lynna, Troy, Ryan, Michael, Doug, Randi, Bob, Jamie, Margi, Katie, Lisa, Gus, Lisa, Chris, Vicki, Bruce, Robin, Dan, Marlena, Lois, Alan, Joanne, Jeanette, Debra, PJ, Jerry, Zel, Gary, Gayle, Debbie, Kelli, Doug, Mark, Margaret, Shannon, Lisa, Sue, Lem, Diana, Steve, Michel, Christine, Evan, Koda, and Becky!

Nancy Rasmden, for your volunteer efforts at Homeward Pet no-kill shelter. GOOD job Nancy! 

Ella, Phoebe, & Hannah, for making gifts and giving the proceeds to the Search Dog Foundation. 

Teresa Saunders Westcoat, for rescuing a stray dog on your Sunday morning walk! 

Antje Crawford, for donating your time & supplies to rescue groups in Mexico, & "ProjectPurr".  

Campbells, for being such a GOOD friend to Flynn!!

Arlo, for taking daily walks with Sister Jan and keeping her healthy & happy!

Gayle & Brian Stevens, for taking such GOOD care of senior dachshund Ernie.

Vicki & Fred, for helping secret agent "Bugs" the amazing spy dog.

David & Sharon North, for adopting Annie & sharing your popcorn with her!

Rick & Tammy Lindemulder, for keeping Bandit out of trouble!

Mark & Diane Carter, for adopting Molly & Audi, and helping them become such GOOD friends.

Cloe and Jason, for adopting Coco, and keeping her coat so shiny & healthy!

Paul & Robin Reardon Sanchez, for being a GOOD puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence.

Betty White, for her loving focus of so many creatures, great & small, & her GOOD deeds with the Morris Animal Foundation.

Mike & Lyz Giosia, for all their support for OUR pup, Boone, & for loving and taking GOOD pictures of ALL the BooneDoggies!

Pat O'Hanley, for rescuing AND raising dachshunds & coonhounds.

 Steve Dale, for his efforts to spread GOOD news about dogs. 

Deb Dietrichson, for sharing GOOD quotes about dogs, and her quote, "Dogs are my favorite people". 

Gracie, the poodle/whippet pup, for being Jim's running partner and Dinah's GOOD companion dog.

Nancy Dickerson, for finding and raising Lady Vivian, the kitten on the porch!

Zadie Grace, for helping Boone learn how to be friends with children, and her smile!

Chris & Steve, for rescuing Lilly and for their kindess & caring to many animals, as well as their support of the Seattle Humane Society & Best Friends Animal Society.

Soleil, the Angel dog, for bringing comfort to all humans who come in contact with her.

Tom & Boo for rescuing and bringing Leo to GOOD health.

Truffle, the Golden Retriever, for saving Mia's life!

Sarah, at for being a GOOD service for dogs.
Tuffy, the 2-legged miracle dog!

Redmond Fall City Animal Hospital, for keeping all The BooneDoggies in GOOD health!

The Nelson Family, for taking such GOOD care of Oscar (One of the "Littles"!) especially after surgery.

Penny, for taking such GOOD care of her people family (The Wolfs), and for watching out for Dad on the daily walks.

Drs. Suzan & Brad Grimm, for adopting & taking care of senior dogs.

 Sherrill Hull, for bringing her talent to The BooneDoggies. She is our Illustrator!

SuzieQ, (One of the "Littles"!) For being such a comfort and joy to the Hutchinsons

Jake, a GOOD Therapy dog, & Linda for ALL that training at the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association.

Bend Weenies, for raising loving, fun, & beautiful pups for us all to enjoy.

Missy's Dog Grooming, for her patience and quality of grooming for Sonya, Leana, & Boone.

Prince Caspian, (One of the "Littles"!) for being there for his family, especially when they are sad or sick.

Caron Nelson Glickman, DDS, & her Staff,  for caring & compassionate dental services for our loved ones. 

Ileen Eighenhuis, for her support of our new adventure!

 Best Buddy Dog Wash, GOOD treats for the BooneDoggies!


Give a BooneDoggies Award!