Seeing the World through Dog-Colored Glasses


WHY the BooneDoggies

WHO are the BooneDoggies

Dogs have some amazing attributes. Such g o o d qualities, . . . unconditional love, joy, and loyalty to name a few. We hope to bring these qualities to light and increase the possibility of all things GOOD in the world.

We will do this the old fashioned way, by telling stories. There are SO many stories to share! SO many people doing good deeds WITH their dogs and FOR dogs everywhere. We'll tell these stories via the new fangled ways - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogposts, and of course thru free downloads & some really funstuff to remind you of all things BooneDoggies (store opening soon....). 

The BooneDoggies is also a way for the three to be creative together, and at the same time, make a difference in the world.

We invite you to visit, stay for awhile, and see more of the good around you and in you. Let's see the World through dog-colored glasses!

in a little log home, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.
Our love of dachshunds started with Piper. We wanted a friend for her and Sonya was added to the family. Gus joined soon after and they became Mommy and Daddy to a litter of six puppies!
We knew from the beginning of our litter adventure we would be keeping one, but we couldn't decide between Flynn & Leana. Solution? Keep them both! Boone's new family were too allergic to him, so he came back to live with us, and we could not part with him again. He became the inspiration for this whole adventure!

The Littles

MEET the BooneDoggies

They are a family of six longhair miniature dachshunds that live with us,

Frank & Linda,