Seeing the World through Dog-Colored Glasses


This book held every child's attention in the classrooom.  We know that kids love pets, but this book was presented in a very personal way.  The children felt like they lived in the home with the authors.  We loved the special section in the back where we could find things we may have overlooked unless the authors and illustrator brought them to our attention.

The underlying message is to be yourself, to be proud of your family, and also that every member of the family is important no matter how different they are.  Mariah Media and the Santa Choice Awards  

"A Different Kind of Dog" is a heartwarming book focusing on the uniqueness of individuals within a family. Children will relate to these loveable pups and the qualities that make each one special. A great teaching tool for preschool and elementary age children!  Amber Hoke, MEd, K-5 Teacher, Atlanta

As a former Retail Book Buyer and Father of two I love good children's books. Frank and Linda Sebenius's new book "A Different Kind of Dog" is a wonderful book for ages 3 to 6. It has expressive illustrations introducing us to all  the different kinds of dachshunds.

The book leads us down the path of discovery that show us that while we may all look different, we are alike in many fun ways and while we are part of the same family we are also all very unique. It is a book that can be read and re-read to your children.
  Jerry Watt, Seattle

Some books resonate better than others, and it is always the ones with content that teaches a lesson, a story that engages your emotions, and then with whimsical & unique illustrations that become classics.  This book, "A Different Kind of Dog" contains all 3 of those elements.

The first time I read it, I was delighted.  It is a visual delight, but the story also gives children a gentle lesson in seeing that it is ok to be different.  We are never too young or old to learn we are all different, but that this is not a bad thing...but good.  It is this kind positive reinforcement that gives children self-confidence, I believe.

The descriptions of each dog, along with the illustrations let's us know each dog individually.  A child reading this could pick one as their favorite or think one dog looks like one they own or have seen before.  They could see them in their own minds playing in the grass & chasing butterflies...then snuggling down together for a nap. 

Reading it just made me feel good, and I think it will do the same for the many children who will read it.  I can't wait to get my first copy.  Chris Colman, Elementary School Librarian & Art Teacher, Hampton, Virginia

What Others are Saying

Released August 19, 2014

Boone, the Dachshund, is part of a very special family of dog. Yes, all six are the same kind of dog. They are wiener dogs! But can you see how they are all different?   

Boone shows how we are all different on the outside yet like the same things ... like digging! And Boone helps us see that being different is what makes us special.

Here is another friend we meet on every page!

Our hardcover picture book "A Different Kind of Dog"